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Na margem certa da vida, a esquerda.


Na margem certa da vida, a esquerda.


Feels all wrong

Nothing went the way gods designed

Forgot to push the off button

And the heart still pounds

Happy flavours growing thin

You remember nothing or try to forget

Every single kiss, every single word

Are you strong enough?

My knees tremble like they did

That first night

Speeding under the stars

Tears hide because truth hurts

In every inch of touched skin

Don’t want to talk

Don’t want to admit I dreamt so much more

My soul reluctantly bleeds

Each drop echoes in sleepless floors

You step on and away from

Are you trying hard not to know I’m here

Pushing me away in every way you can

Or just trying to hide?

Are you strong enough to make it all go away

In a faded old photo memory?

So why are you still here

If you don’t know my name?

Just another handful of salt

In fleshy secrets

What might bring you back to life?